Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Mantle

Yes that's right I said mantle!  I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging thru November as I was SWAMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still pretty busy but now have enough time to at least grab some pics and enjoy the season!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!  Here is my front room mantle:)  My hubby built it for me the year we moved in here as our fireplace didn't have a mantle.  I added the vinyl established saying this past year.  This is my first ever attempt at truly doing a "Christmas Mantle".....so here it is...

The details:
Mantle shelf built by my sweetheart:)  Est. saying made by me and added this year.  The window was in my growing up home until this last summer when my parents got new windows and I snagged the ones they took out...yes its weathered from being out in my "stash" of stuff I wanna use eventually. 
The stars have been gathered thru th elast few years as I LOVE stars and they are my main decor year round.  The one in the center tho I must share as it was a BARGAIN!  I found it at a thrift shop last weekend for just 50 cents!  I couldn't pass that up!    I found the sweet goldish ornaments at the $ store .  The Angel is from Germany a gift from our cousins.  The lil Santa was a wedding gift from my parents and was handmade and personalized just for me and my sweetie!  The greenery is just some garland from the $ store and I made the twine/fabric garland a few years ago and this year decided we'd use the shiny stuff on the tree (kids begged), so it was available for my Mantle:)  The bows were tied by me with some cute holly printed gold ribbon from the $ store.  SO I've spent well lets see probably about $2.50 on this Mantlescape! Gotta love it! 
I've been inspired a ton by Beth over at The Stories of A2Z and that is how I found out about the link up party shown below.  Thanks Beth!

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Thanks! I LOVE it but it is my "baby" for this Christmas! Lots more Christmas decorations to come!

  2. Jenny, your mantel is very pretty. Merry Christmas! La

  3. Yay! It's so warm and cozy. I could happily sip some cocoa in front of that mantel!

  4. This, my friend, is amazing! I love, love, love it! I love the history behind and how your have stories for all your stars and decorations. We miss you! I hope all is well!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Thanks ladies! and Beth I did just that last night! I had a nice cup of Cinnamon Cocoa and enjoyed my newly decorated mantle and a cozy fire in the fireplace:)
    Laurie, the girls are doing much better and I think we're on the mend around here! I was over to SerenityScrappers today! I'm getting caught up from last month finally!


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