Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mantle Closeups;)

Here are some closeups of items on my mantle.  The main mantle photo is in the post below;)

My 50 cent star:) that I just LOVE!

Metal stars picked up through the years for my collection.

The wooden personalized santa that was a wedding gift from my parents.

More stars from my collection and some of the pretty $ store bulbs:)

and last but not least the Angel from Germany a gift from our cousins.
And you can see a bit of the window that was salvaged from my growing up home:)


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I love the history and the stories!! So beautiful!! Merry, Merry Christmas! We miss you!!

  2. Aww thanks...I like to have a reason behind my work:) I miss ya'll too! I did head over today and comment a bit I feel soooo behind! I'm playing catchup from last months "busy"ness.


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