Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooties ~N~ Fleas

Yep you read that right!  Cooties and Fleas!  We had a camp full of em!  Long story into the names but our Youth Pastor has said for years that All Girls have Cooties and All Boys have Fleas!  Soooo this year for camp I went with that and created my own cooties and fleas for the Girls and Boys sections:)  They were a HIT and are going to be reused next year!  Sooooo here they are!
The Fleas
 These are my version of fleas (had to make em cute)

and here is a Flea up close:
 I took a cute lil bug from Create a Critter and added some {} brackets for leggies:)
Blue of course for boys and the Green accent just gave it some WOW!

And the Cooties!!!!

Sorry for the blurry pic...I was walking and talking while taking pics of the decorations;)

and a closeup cootie:
  Isn't she adorable?!?!?  I made her using the Create a Critter Lady Bug and used pink (for girls) and the lime green for the "bug" :)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cooties!  Sooo much fun!  I actually have a list of orders for some cooties to send out to girls from camp:)

Hope ya'll enjoyed the Cooties ~N~ Fleas:)

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  1. Those are adorable!! Just love them, even though they are bugs!!!



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