Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Busy!

I've been Swamped!  But I did get somethings accomplished I can share:)  I just posted a few of the photos I finished editing from a photo shoot this week! 
I will be doing another Fall session with this beautiful young lady as well:)  There are TONS more than I posted but figured I'd show you a sampling:)  I am also working feverishly on Camp decorations for our church's KJ Camp that we do every year!  I have had my Gypsy Girl a workin and she'll soon be wired up to Jorja (My E) and get cuttin!  I have to make a trip to the hobby/craft store for more poster board and such to get things goin!  In 9 days I will be really on the firing line for camp getting everything up and lookin pretty:)  Pray for me as I've got a TON to do!  I did make some cards but have yet to take photos for ya'll!  Sorry!  I will get some pics soon to show you:)

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