Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm feeling overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!  with this living room!  LOL  I am crowded and its a small area already!  I would love to take and add onto this room but that isn't possible...I have exactly enough seats for our family...so can't lose any of that...the piano could move to the dining room and may before this week is out! It's HOT and I want to open the airconditioned air traffic routes and having issues...maybe tomorrow we'll do some movin around!  Maybe I should just go up to the studio and play so I don't see this area right now?!?


  1. Good idea.. Go and play with paper and glue and even run with scissors if you want!! LOL

  2. Always good to play with paper and clear your head before you make any major decisions!! I am not sure I would take Kel's advice and run with scissors, LOL!!

  3. Ok gals going to go play in the studio this am not gonna run with scissors tho....think I'd be a bad example for my kids he he he...then I'll move furniture this afternoon:)maybe;)


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