Monday, March 29, 2010

To Tip or not to Tip?

That is the question!  LOL ok not tipping as in $$$  but for a manicure....yes I know Jenny a manicure???  But yes I'm going this afternoon to get a manicure!  My 2nd in my life and first time for getting acrylic tips...this has been an ongoing desire for over a year, but never had the guts to do today I'm going to go to the nail salon and get my nails done and I'll post pics here when I get back:)  We'll see what I end up with.  Feeling the need to be non frumpy and need a hair trim and going to get a manicure:)  If they have a good special I may even get a pedicure:)  We shall see what the special of the day is before I decide on that.  Thankful for my SIL who has graciously asked to watch my children after their schooling is thru for the day so I can have a Mommy's time out:)  What a blessing is that and to have a migraine free day on top of it all is just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I spent the weekend trying to rid my brain from that nasty migraine.  Haven't had one like that in nearly 5 years so for that I'm thankful and pray don't ever have another!  What a blessing that would be!

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