Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Vinyl:)

I am a bit more steady but still not 100% so I went to studio and cut some files I made for some vinyl pieces I wanted to try to make.  I hope ya'll enjoy the pics:)

I added the ironwork scrolls to my Always & Forever that I posted a while back.  Thanks Ashlee for the encouragment on these!  You were right!  They look great!

Here again Ashlee encouraged me...been sifting thru Home decor lately and fell in love with the
Est. xxxx using the year of our marriage.  I'm more for spelling it out so I put ours on the mantle my sweetie made for our fireplace:) Please ignore the jumbled pieces just below as I'm in the process of rearranging some decorations in the front room:)

I redid the lettering for my Faith ~ Family ~ Friends in a bit larger font than I had up before it's just more "us"
There are closeups below:)


The Mantle lettering


  1. WOW WOW WOW This is MAGAZINE cover stuff.. WOW...
    I have done one word in it..It went on my sons drums..AHAHHAHA
    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!Where r u getting your vinyl??

  2. Jenny! This look amazing!! I love it all. Black was the perfect choice on the mantle, and the iron work on the wall looks beyond beautiful! Great job!!

  3. thanks ladies mary these vinyl pieces i made with the pc vinyl but i am going to try some from a warehouse that is made by the same company that makes theirs....SU now has some decor element sheets in their exclusive colors I have to order some of that yet!:)


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