Sunday, November 2, 2008

I miss my cave:(

I sure miss being down in the cave crafting! I'm hoping that since I'm gaining strength in my arms and a bit more recovery on my foot that maybe I'll get down there this week:) I am getting better. Part of the abrasion has healed over but the worst section is still giving me problems. I am getting out and about tho:) Our family was BLESSED this last week with a new van:) A huge blessing for us. The gas mileage is wayyyy better than our 15psngr and there is plenty of room for each of us to have a seat of our own:) Love that it has stow n go in the floor! Too cool. It is much easier to get in and out of with my crutches. Well just wanted to give a quick update and hope to have some crafting pics to share! Last week I did get down there a bit to get ribbon samplers cut and packaged. That was a huge blessing! I'll have two more sets arriving this week to get packaged:) Ok I'm off for now to rest some more. LOL didn't think I could get tired from resting!

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  1. Aw Jenny!! Hope you are back on both feet soon! Glad your new van is working out for you!


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