Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wooo Hoooo!

I got confirmation my SU order has shipped!!!!!!! My demo notified me that we should have it here Fri! YEAH!!!!!! I can't wait to get everyone their orders so we can all play!!!!! She is a demo! Here is a tidbit of the email she sent me today...I'm going to share with ya'll cause I was so proud of my dd!: Uh Oh! I deleted the wrong email!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrr I hate it when that happens! Anyway my dd had given her a card while she was cleaning up the workshop. While unpacking she found it and saw a note my G had written her. She was encouraged by G's thoughtfulness. I'm glad because that is one of the things I want to teach my children. To use their talents God gave them to encourage someone else! G has a great creative mind and she used her talent to create a card special for my SU Demo!

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