Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Tag, I'm IT!

Thanks Ashlee! you bring out the "kid" in me! I haven't played tag since gradeschool!LOL
Ashlee is my bestest MB buddy! She and I "met" at my first personal challenge on the MB in May...yes you were right! We've kinda become friends thru the challenges and now my family all know that if I'm online I'm probably talking to Ashlee or having a class with Ashlee...LOL.

The rules of the game: Each player answers the questions themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.

Ten years ago:Wow! That was a long time ago! Let's see. I was a wife, mother to two children living in a rental house in a tiny dot off the road! LOL I stayed at home full time and kept very busy with our little country church. I was the Nursery coordinator (only my kids in there, lol) and I taught Sunday School for k-2 grades and was the one in charge of crafts for our VBS. Wow a long time ago!

Five things on today's to do list: Hmm before I went to the office or after I got home or while I was at the office? Today was my day in the office doing billing and insurance for a local optometrist. So I guess we'll start after I got off work:
1. Call my sweetie!
2.Pick up the youngins.
3. Go to grocery store.
4. Cook dinner.
5. Check MB and blogs...and look what I found! LOL @ Ashlee!

Snacks I enjoy:Hmmmm.
Reeses Pieces, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Gluten free cookies(choco chip!) and my all time favorite Edy's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!!!!!!!

Places I have lived:Illinois, Tennessee, Illinois Sometimes I miss the mountains but for the most part the flat rolling plains are the Greatest!

Ok, now I have to tag 5 people....different than Ashlee's? I know the same people! LOL
Ya'll Are IT!!!!
http://mommyhammer.blogspot.com/ Fellow July Challenge Encourager! Erin has a great blog you should go check it out! It was her first DONE! on the July Challenge! It is great!
And check out her altered Cricut!

http://scrappingmommy.blogspot.com/ Amy doesn't know me other than the MB, but I check out her blog all the time! She's got great projects on there! And the music is sooo soothing. She's a very talented lady!

http://dees-specialthings.blogspot.com/ Ms_Dee has some great work! She's making these really cool stationary boxes! Check out her blog! She's in our July challenge too!

http://softbrn.blogspot.com/ Had to choose a soft brown for Soft's blog! I love to see all Soft's creations on the mb. She is sooooo creative! I love her brown atg! Turned out really cute!

http://lynnkprettypaperuser.blogspot.com/ Lynn uses the prettiest paper! She really really does! I absolutely LOVE her circular LO's she has on her blog right now...

Wow I do know five people!!!! YEAH!


  1. thanks for tagging me! I just posted in my blog!

  2. I've been tagged??.. What?... of course I forgive.. Now don't let it happen again!,lol..

    See you around cricut.com!


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