Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tree:)

I am loving our tree this year...its not anything grand and glorious...its not a "designer" tree and nothing's all covered in mismatched ornaments...and we just LOVE it!  All the ornaments have a meaning behind them all of them are either handed down, gifted to us, or handmade by our crew...every year our kids do a Birthday Card for Jesus and then they put them on the tree:)  It's one of our "traditions" like having Red "Velva" Cake with special icing baked from scratch by Grammy...and candles and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas day...Red Velvet cake will always be Red Velva Cake to us:)  Started when the kiddos were teeny and couldn't pronounce everything...:)


  1. Beautiful tree! It is all about traditions. I still have a bunch that I did as child that I do with my own kids. That cake sounds amazing!!!

  2. :) we have several traditions I'm trying to make sure when I post that I post the reasons behind some of our decorations:) It helps to remind myself as well as have a record for my family:) And Grammy's cake is AWESOME!!!!!!!


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