Friday, December 31, 2010

One Resolution in progress

Ok ok so I know New Years Resolutions are uhm well expected, right?  Well as always I resolved to work on studio j so I decided to get a head start on the New Year....I moved out the HUGE table and pulled in two smaller width tables and placed them on different walls to allow for more workable space:)  I have a "Sewing/Cutting" area which houses the Sewing Machine, Cutting Mat and large cthru ruler/guide, sewing items, Miss Jorja(my Expression), my large guillotine cutter, and even the laminator found a home on a shelf above the sewing items.  The printer is in the corner for those times I want to print out the journaling for my pages....

and the Main worktable:

with my daylight lamp, and all my supplies right at my fingertips:) see Mr. Bigshot there on the table that is to remind me to use it to emboss more often!  I even have my wrist guard there to remind me to use it when scrapping and cardmaking so I don't overwork that wrist too much!
My inks are in an old cassette rack I found at a thrift store but I'm about to outgrow it!  See the cute lil garbage bag I won from Funky Joy?  Isn't it cute!  I love that I can have it handy for all the little things like tabs and teensy scraps:)  I also have a small shelving unit off to the left of my chair here at this worktable it is filled with Stampin' UP! Stamp sets and Wheels:)  I have another set of shelves next to those that house my Stampin' UP! and Thirty-One business items and Catalogs.  The closets hold my paper collection in racks I purchased when our LSS went out of business.


  1. Great organization you go tthere J. It is an inspiation to me as my workspace is a disaster! LOL. You look like ur ready to roll into a scrappin new year!

  2. Good job, working on your resolution! What an awesome organized and clean space, I love it. I love the color of the walls as well!!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Thanks to both of you! I needed to reorganize so I could get scrappin! My studio had a large table that I removed and put in two tables instead and wow what a difference! Much easier to work now! keep it clean....that may be an issue....


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