Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Vote

Photo 1

Well we finally made it out to do our Christmas Card Photo Shoot Yesterday:)  It was alot bit chilly outside!  We went to a couple of places locally and just took TONS of pictures.  We've narrowed it down to these four:)  Please take a min and vote for the one you like the best:)  Thanks!!!!!

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Please leave a comment below or click a "response" box as the voting feature didn't work properly so sorry!


  1. Hey Jenny! This was a tough one! They call came out awesome. I voted for number 1! I feel like it shows their personalities! I do love the one them sitting on the bench as well.

    Let us know which one you pick! Good job getting that out of the way!

  2. THanks Laurie:) It does show them doesn't it? LOL I love them all but I am thinkin so far daddy and grandparents and aunts/uncles have chosen #2...I can print any of them to put in handmade cards but we are also doing some photo cards pre printed this year as I don't have the energy or time to do handmade over 150 cards...I do have several handmade cards done and my scrappy friends as well as my close family and our Church staff and deacons families will get those:) As far as to hand out to our whole church family and extended family that lives far away I'll do the photo cards:) I'm rambling...I have some being printed that I made with photoelf and picasa as well as some that wm had on their site I could just drag n drop. :) I'll post them when I get them and then we'll see which of those we like best too:) Thanks for your encouraging words! I love takin pics of my youngins tho they don't always like to cooperate:)

  3. we are probably going to end up printing some of their "individual" pictures too for some of the family I didn't post those here but WOW to choose! Its the hardest part, well ok so getting them to all stay where I ask and look at the same time is hardest....


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