Saturday, October 9, 2010

Opinions Needed...

1.  This one isn't "finished" I'm not sure but feels like it needs something...

2.  This one I've added tabs to make a "Holiday Planner" pocket sized,

3.  This one is another small composition book and made it into a sermon notes notebook.

4.  Another small composition book red and white motif with Notes on the front.

5.  This one is a large composition book.  I added the ribbon to make it more "journal" like.

Now I hope I don't regret asking Opinions...but I do need HONEST answers here....I'm involved in a Shopping Fundraiser for my dad's church's school....Long story short I'll have a table there with my daughter running it selling items we've are a few altered composition notebooks I've been working on...PLEASE tell me what you think...if you think they can sell?!? 


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I love #3 and #4
    For #1 - could you add a flower on the lower left where you have the wonderful border punch element?
    #2 is adorable and would be very handy.
    #5 - I was thinking if you had a swirl rubber stamp you could add some swirls and rhinestones. Just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Hmmm I will look thru my flowers! Great idea! The border punch was holding down the notebook...LOL I wasn't going to post it here but thought hey my commenters will know some cool ideas! :) Thanks Sheryl! I have a couple of swirl stamps but my rhinestones would look funny cause of the colors...hmmm I may add a button and loop to the other big a thought for reals...weird! I am sooo loving these they are easy to make and hope they'll sell well. I was told to have items for the holidays as well as items for gifts to be given....having grown up there I do know many of the people.

  3. I love them all, but the holiday organizer is the best!! For the first one, there is also a SU stamp that somewhat matches the patterned paper you used. Perhaps you could stamp the image and then cut it out and put it in the corner? Reading above, though, you might have already figured something out!

  4. LOL I don't have the stamp set that goes with that paper funny huh?

  5. Oh my I love them all, I think they will be a big hit and sell very well! What a fantastic job you did here!!!


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