Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Natural Curl Info Page

I just wanted to be sure to let ya'll know that my blog hasn't gone to just about my hair!  LOL  Tho I do want to blog about this natural curl thing and I have created a page within this blog to blog my journey...there is a tab at the top that says Natural Curl...that is where the newest updates and links to info about natural curly hair that I have found helpful.  Thanks for bearing with me thru the not so "crafty" moments:)


  1. The Jenny we know and love is so much more than just a crafter. This is your blog, so blog your way!!

  2. awww thanks Kate;) I have so many interests and there is soooo much going on in my day to day life...I am me and ya'll get to see bits and pieces;)


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