Friday, September 3, 2010

An AZ crafty project:)

We want to send notes to all the folks out in AZ and I picked up this stamp at a local craft shop out there it was made right near there in Tucson AZ...I couldn't resist!  I'm sure you will see this image repeatedly in the AZ album:)

A few notes with the Thank You sentiments already stamped and made out:)
Here is a pic of the stamp and a few more cards I've started decorating:) 

Thanks to Katie at Creations by K8 for showing me that heat embossing a stamped image makes it easier to color!  WOW what a difference I will now be heat embossing my line images to color:) 



  1. This is a really cool stamp! Cute cards!! Heat embossing is fun!!

  2. It is and its like magic:) I love to do it, just don't take the time unless thinking of a shiny need:) LOL


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