Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meeting Up With....

*nervously approaching*  the time to MEET a dear friend in person!  I am blessed today to be meeting up with my dear creative friend, from Pieces of Paper Forum,  Joyce!  Why am I nervous???  I sure don't know!  I guess just the anticipation of meeting someone face to face, wondering if my kiddos will behave like I know they can, will she like me?  Will I be who she expects to see?  Silly I guess...we've exchanged pictures, we know what each other looks like.  We've chit chatted on the forum and the chat area. 

My dd had her tonsils removed last Thursday :( she's had a rough time trying to get over the anestesia.  I think that probably has added to my nervousness.  We are so excited to get to meet up with Joyce:)  Going to Crafty stores and I'll probably (if H is up to it) hit the GoodWill store while in the big city ;)

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  1. You've probably already spent a wonderful day with her!! I'm sure it went wonderfully. I just hope you closed your eyes when she sprayed the Lysol!!


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