Monday, July 5, 2010

Crafty Momma...have a Challenge!

I tried my hand at freezer paper stencils:)  The stencil worked great!  unfortunately this momma tried a new product (to me anyhow, Fabric spray paint...textured....Ok so I'm not great at that part!  I have an idea to make my "mistake" a Happy Accident that turns into a great creative project:)
 Here is how the stencil area turned out:

see not too awful bad! 
Mom to the 5th power:)  Since I have five kiddos I've become a mom 5 times:)  Saw this idea on a shirt site somewhere sorry can't remember it was a late night looking for something totally different and saw the mom to the power of 1, 2, 3 etc...thought COOL I'm mom , power of 5:)
NOW to show you my "mistake":

See I was sooo smart!  I didn't account for "overspray"!  Sooooo...I know the next time to cover the ENTIRE front of the shirt that isn't in the stencil when using the Spray Fabric paint...and I also picked up some regular fabric paint and stipple brushes at a local crafty area and am gonna try it again on another shirt with the stencil and that method and see if I like that better...Either way I've learned something:) 

NOW for the Challenge!
What should I do with that big blank box around the main image?????  Should I try to stencil in some flowers, swirls, anything or should I just make more "overspray" around the image?  Ideas?!?
Leave me a comment here please with any ideas...
I'll have a 6x6 sample pack of retired SU cardstock colors and  retired DSPs  to send to the most creative, ingenius "Fix"!
If I have trouble choosing we'll have a vote! 

Thanks to my crafty pals that I know can come up with ideas where I am drawing a "Blank" Literally!!!!


  1. Cute idea. I'm a mom (3)
    When I saw your creative error - I would just do more over spray.

  2. I think that you should add a frame. You could also add some detailing with the frame - but then the error wouldn't be noticable at all. You do realize, though, that you need to post the finished result at the end of all this!! I love the mom5!!

  3. I've just presented you with a Cherry on Top award on my blog:
    Thanks for always having a smile on your face (I can't see it, but it shines through your words). I'm so glad that we've "met", Jenny. You're a wonderful person and a true inspiration to me!

  4. Jenny this is adorable. I would probably just add some flowers here and there and then the edge line wouldn't be so visible. I love this idea!! So cool. and yes a mom of five has to be cool!!! Can't wait to meet you in four days.


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