Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pics Shipped!

My York photo orders have shipped!  I uploaded to them yesterday mid morning and they sent shipping notices for both by 3am today!  WOW  Can't wait to see them I ordered over 200 prints!  I hadn't printed since before Easter!  We've had Easter, three birthdays, some family gatherings and church activities and picnics and spring fun!  Now I will have pics to scrap the summer away and snap pics all summer to scrap this fall:)  Wooo Hooo...my friend and super scrapper Marigold (Liz) has made a couple of super awesome word books lately that have inspired me!  I want to make some name books for my newest nephew and also for HIS (yep he's an uncle) nephew and neice!  I'm going to get to meet them all when I go to see my sister in just 64 days!  I've got alot of work to get done!  Can hardly wait but first I must clean this house and get laundry going then I can play in the studio:)


  1. That's quick service! I can't wait to see your books!

  2. I hope mine are here! Should go check the mail!!


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