Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I've been up to...

My studio has been in our basement for years...I'm moving up to the sunlight!!!!  I didn't get to choose color or carpet but I got to get some furniture from other areas of the house:)  and some of my things are moved up there but not done yet!  I will get some vinyl up on the walls and my fabric and sewing items will move up there as well and the rest of my stuff!  LOL  These pics were taken tonight after I finished arranging the lg table and the cubbies and some of my racks...much of that is subject to change too but the lart pieces are pretty much where they will be:)  I did get a few items up there so I can make a card or two along the way:)  I'm missing creating!!!!!


  1. Jenny - this is looking fabulous! I'm totally in love! :-) It's turning out soo awesome!

  2. Yep, It looks awesome!!! You ROCK!!!



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