Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Purple Purple and yes Purple:)

My dd is going to her bff's party today and they are doing a Purple everything party so here is what we did this am:)  We made a purple birthday card with purple cupcakes on it:) 
Then my dd put together the purple butterfly bff necklaces and put them on the purple cards I made for those and put them in the purple box:) 

Then I whipped up this super easy mega cute Purple flower! 

these lil flowers are super easy!  You punch or cut out or use a die cut of a flower or scalloped circle you'll need 7-8 of them I used 7 as one of my flowers didn't come out right.  

 Then mist them with water and crinkle them up...then straighten them back out gently...next you will stack the flowers no certain way just stack them so the centers are all directly on top of each other. 

 Poke a hole and put a brad to hold the layers together.  You won't see the brad when the flower is done so doesn't matter the color. 

Next you will start with the top layer and crinkle up around the brad as tightly as you can then each layer do the same thing then after they are all done and you have a big blob (he he he like my term?)

Then undo the "blob" by straightening out each layer gently and i left the top and 2nd layers pretty tight and wala you have a flower! 

For my leaves I punched 4 scalloped ovals and just layered them under the flower to look like leaves:) 


  1. Jenny, LOVE the flower! Way cute!

  2. Jenny

    Super cute idea! Love the purple too!

    Marilyn C.

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    Good luck!
    Staci at Craftify It!


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