Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ABC's of ME

Ashlee got me goin on this:)  LOL 

ABC's of Me

A- Age: 37 :)

B- Bed size: Queen, though I get to sleep next to my "King" every night:)

C- Chore you hate: Cleaning the showers/tubs

D- Dog's name: which one???  Maxie(Black Lab-6), Diesel (mini-dachshund-2 1/2),
      Daisy (chi- aprox 1 1/2)

E- Essential food/item: Reeses!!!!

F- Favorite color: Red

G- Gold or silver: White Gold is my fav tho I have mostly yellow gold:)

H- Height: 5'4 1/2"

I- I am: ME:)

J- Job: Wife, SAH Momma to 5, Homeschool Teacher, Stampin' UP! Demo, Stamper, Scrapper, Sewer, etc....

K- Kids: 5 youngerins:)  13,12,10,9,7 one boy four girlies

L- Living arrangements: in my wild and crazy house:)  With my sweetie, five kiddos, 3 dogs, 4 fish and a loach(a type of fish) and LOTS of snails!  (yes we have an aquarium)
M-Mom's name: Jean

N- Nickname: Jenny, which is also my prefered name...

O- Overnight hospital stay: Many!  LOL  Five antepartum stay of a month with last baby...Hmmm since then several with pneumonia :(  None this last year!  Trying to keep it that way!

P- Pet peeve: LOL hmmmm just one?  Hangers all must face same direction and all clothes should be in color order! not to mention paper, ink, scraps....

Q- Quote from a movie: "Soop, soop Cinderelly, Soop, soop!"  Jacque Jacque on Cinderella

R- Right or left handed: Me? I'm a Righty :)

S- Siblings: I'm the big sister!  I have one younger brother who is no longer my "little" brother!  He's well over 6ft tall! 

T- Time you wake up: Depends on when I go to sleep!  LOL whenever I have to get up is when I get up!

U- Unique thing about your car: Hmmmm its a silver minivan...OOOO no carseats in there!  That is a new thing in the last year!

V- Vegetable you hate: Lima Beans!!!!!!!!!!!! Brussel Sprouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W- Ways you run late: one of the kids can't find a shoe, someone is in the potty and it's time to have to be there at what time????

X- X-rays you've had: TOOOOOOOO many to count!  let's just say I was a clumsy child!

Y- Yummy food you make: NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate Cake, Uncle Jimmy's Carrot Cake...hmmm those are my favs.

Z- Zoo favorite: Elephants, always wonder what they are thinking:)

Now it's everyone elses turn're it!  If you have a min to sit down and just take a load off this is sure fun!


  1. He Jenny!!!

    Great ABC's I am technically challenged to know how to link mine I will have to work on it! LOL


  2. I agree Great ABC's!!! :-) However, brussel sprouts are YUM! hehe


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