Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the mend...

I'm almost all better:)  I do feel LOTS better!  Meds have ended but the effects are lingering so I'm in and out of the studio:)  I did get a couple things done last weekend and yesterday I cut some LARGE hearts for our picture boards for the Valentine Banquet at church.  I will post pics when I can:)  I have taken some time in the last couple days to begin cleaning the messy area around my studio.  I am "expanding" my studio around the corner of my basement so I have to clear out some storage and junk.  I have gotten some racks up and another counter cleaned off and the big old metal desk is now my cutting area:)  Works great with the HUGE top for my cricut and for cutting fabric:)  I'm almost able to set up the sewing machines:)  YAY  Yes there are two of them.  I have mine and my grandmother's machine.  My dd loves to sew and is sooo looking forward to having it accessible.  I've still got to clean out the huge deep closet and get it organized and easier to find stuff:)  LOL  such a terrible problem to have huh? 

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