Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too cool!

I made my own font! Super easy! is super fast and super easy:)  and did I say FREE?  I made 2 fonts last night and want to do more:)  Thanks Ashlee for the tip!!!!  I made the new banner in my header with my own font!


  1. neat! I see you made a button too, can you post the link we can use to put it on our blog?

  2. for my button? all you would need to do is right click then save pic as the save file and then post on your blog as you would add a sidebar item then link to:

    that should make it so you can click the button to link back here:)

    I'm honored that you like it!!!

  3. I got it, thanks! I didn't know there was a "link" spot when posting the picture, but it worked!


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