Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Prep...

Camp is less than a week away! I can hardly believe it's been a year since the last camp! This year's theme is "Jesus, You are my Savior and my Friend." SO since I'm doing decorations I decided the PDDU cart from Cricut would be GREAT for this subject! I've cut tons of paper dolls and clothes and hair and have been on the puter tonight working with CDS to make the most of our paper scraps and making more paper dolls and clothes and hair and shoes:) I'm going to be making a list of what all i need to pick up from HL and make a trip out in the am....I have found that HL has large sheets of cardstock (acid free even!!!) that I can cut down into 12x24 and 24x5.5 or so and I can get TONS of cuts out of these! Only $1.47 I think per sheet and these are sooo great for big projects like these that are just for a week:) I am going to try to save some this year and hopefully we can use them at the church after camp:) Ok I'm rambling...I just wanted to fill ya'll in and let ya know I've not given up my scrappin and stampin, just busy using all the supplies:) I love it when something I love to do is helpful for others:) I'll post pics after we get the decorations up at the camp and a few along the way to show the progress.

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  1. I should have thought of this when I was prepping for vbs in my "community corner" room! This would have added a lot to what I was trying to do. Looks like it's going well and you're having fun. Good for you!


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