Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Here!!!!!

It's here It's here It's here!!!! My SU Kit arrived today! I took the kids to the zoo and a picnic with some friends of ours today and when I arrived home there it was just waiting for me to dig in! I had help...the girls enjoyed seeing all the great products! I've not had a chance to play yet tho:( I did get some sewing done for a friend leaving for college in the morning as she had asked last week. I enjoyed the sewing it has been awhile since I've done any! It was an easy pattern to follow now I just need to adjust a bit here and there from this first try. I love the pattern tho and will try to figure out how to adjust it down for my girls too. I have gotten to read a bit more about SU and have opened a few things in the kit. I'm sure tomorrow after I finish up my sewing for my friend I will have a chance to really go thru the kit and get it all out and play! I had an allergic reaction yesterday which messed up my schedule of getting the sewing done yesterday so i could play today. Oh well...all works out in the long run! Thanks for checkin in and I'll try to get pics on here soon. I'm having fun learning the world of laptops as well so alot of new things all at once. :)

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