Monday, July 7, 2008

ATG Altering....

I'm going for it! I, yes, me....Jenny....the no way am I gonna paint that thing woman....have begun the altering of my beloved ATG gun! I have the first two coats of paint three in some letting it set for 24 hours so it'll be ready for me to work on altering when I get off work tomorrow night! Yeah!!! I'll post pics here!


  1. I want to get an ATG. It is my next big ticket item. I would be nervous about altering it too!
    I love the picture in your blog header of all the feet. Those are your kids feet??? How did you get the wider format on your blog?

  2. Yes they are my childrens' feet! Cute huh??? The wider format actually was a template in the blogger lo section minima wide I thing or stretch or something like that....then I just messed with the settings to change colors...still wish I could figure out html better to change it up from so boring....but alas for now it is what it is!

  3. I Like what u did to it too.. I M going to have to break down and get one of these But It just looks so heavy..;o(


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