Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wrist report

I just got back from the dr. My ligaments are badly torn which apparently means its going to take longer to heal than originally told. They have reread the xrays and there is no break or fracture so we're thankful for that! I'm to not lift with my right hand and to take it easy...dr can't figure out how I type with the splint on...guess they don't think about using your fingers! My fingers are all doing great, but are a bit testy at times. I will be increasing my pain meds a bit just ibuprofen, so no biggie just adding in another dose each day and she gave me some therapy exercises to do. I did try the 1 page wonder booklet and i got it done! Well without the "guts" journaling/pics stuff. I'll try to get pics tonight and post here, but no promises...I may hit the hay early. Time for me to take my ibuprofen and go check the roast that smells sooooo good cooking in my croc pot!

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