Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm rambling...I'm glad AshleeM came up with that...rambling = blogging in our mb posts. (at least I think...) I hurt my wrist a couple of weeks ago and tried to fix it myself...basic brace and know minor sprains...I've had a few of them so no biggie. Well I ended up at the dr yesterday. It is a sprain...its a severe sprain with torn ligaments! Not just stretched out of whack like I usually do...torn! I'm a bit tired today from medications...It's been hurting so badly the last few days I've taken tons of ibuprofen. Advil liquigels are my friends(LOL) It is feeling better today with a proper splint for 24 hours now and I've been able to cut back on my ibuprofen a bit. I didn't get any crafting done yet today. Though I'm up late with laundry tonight so I may get some cards done or I may just hang out and relax tonight. Thankfully they only had to splint it and I can still type and craft! My dd(7) received a RAK from Okieladybug today. I will post a pic here of all the cute buggies she sent her! I posted this on the Cricut MB so you may have seen theese already.

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