Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Challenge: Cricut MB updated

I have signed up for the Cricut MB June Challenge. Here are my goals:

2 - packages to be sent out this week for friends(I'm trying to figure how to package!) DONE

20 - 8x8 lo's for swap - I got the 8x8 bases cut!
I've got part of the lo done for all 20, now one more part of the lo then the actual recipie and then the fun of embellishing! I'm loving doing multiple pages! I feel like I get alot done!
( I'm making progress trying to get my idea onto the actual layout! It is cute in my head having trouble figuring out how to cut it got part figured out yeah!)

2-3 - Father's day cards DONE
(Thinking the wallet ones from Danielle's blog with homemade coupons from each child.)

3 - birthday lo's

20+ - misc cards (mostly for stash and gifts) 9 finished and 20 more started!
***my su order is here!!!!!

10 - layouts for Disney album

7 - layouts just for fun
(maybe a non chronological page or two in there a baby lo or two?)

I can't wait to see how much I can get done in June!

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