Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Updated...

I'm working on my Father's Day wallet cards. I got them put together last night now to embellish and fill the pockets! I had a great idea from Kris on the MB to put the kids' pictures in the pockets...I'm going to do that for sure for my dad's...he'll show that off at work for sure! For my dh the kids are going to make him "gift cards" with a type of I'll take your boots off for a week, get you iced tea for a week...etc. I'll post these as soon as I get them finished up hopefully tonight. The sickies are feeling a bit better today thankfully! Well hopefully I"ll post some pix tonight. Pix are up and now I wanted to update that a great friend of mine suggested maybe some stitching marks on the wallet with the initials to help give it a more finished look...I was looking for something but not sure what...I think she hit it on the button! Yeah...hope I get to feeling better here in a bit so I can get to work on the innerds too!

Here is a link to the page I found the tutorial for this card.

scroll down toward the end and there is a video tutorial about the wallet card. Loved the idea!

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