Monday, June 9, 2008

disney album update

I wanted to update the post with the slideshow and tell ya'll(especially Ashlee) that the pages at the first of this slide show are made with my index prints. I just cut the walmart logo off and put them all together to get the look I wanted...these were the ones left over after I did the pages on the next two page lo I where used all the index prints I could fit then took a layover clear/disney print sheet I got at my LSS and adhered it at the corners so the prints are the background for the disney print. This is a way to use up index prints in a lo or in my case to show off all the pix I took in Disney World. I was pretty shocked that I took over 1000 photos! Tho I don't know why cause I can take 50 in a given day just if we go out to a park. LOL I guess I like to take pix! I'm rambling...gotta go do real work now!

grrr it wouldn't let me post this under the slideshow sorry! SO anyhow it is on here just above instead.

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